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Bereavement Group

We meet every month to decide who will visit the families of those whose

funerals have been celebrated in Holy Cross church during the previous month.

We are not trained counsellors but we visit the bereaved to offer our sympathy and support on behalf of the parish community.

We give each family a prayer card and a little booklet which we hope will be of help to them.

We also help organise the annual Mass for the bereaved each November.

Older People’s Club

OLOC church hallThe objective of the club is to encourage people age 60+ to meet on a weekly basis to participate in social activities, to get to know fellow parishioners over tea, cakes and biscuits which in turn stimulates feelings of being part of a community which prevents feelings of loneliness and isolation!

Fundraising by everyone pays for the treats. Volunteers are in attendance at all times to oversee the smooth running of the club’s curriculum.

United As One: Charity Shop

The Shop opened in September 2002 as Holy Cross Thrift Shop. United As One Cathcart Road

In November 2005 the shop attained charitable status and is now known as United As One.

The object is to raise money for underdeveloped countries and other needs nearer home and to raise awareness of poverty at home and abroad. £45,000 has already been donated to projects such as the Franciscan Aids Project, Father Matthew’s St Joseph's

church in Ghana, Leprosy Colony & World Challenge.

The current project is to support a Catholic school in the Philippines as well as a child needing facial reconstruction.

Opening Hours: Monday -Friday 10.30am-3.30pm.

Pastoral Care