Monsignor Hugh Bradley Parish Priest.
Father Johnson Mathew Assistant Priest
113 Dixon Avenue. Glasgow G42 8ER.
0141 423 0105
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Daily Mass Monday to Saturday 9.30am.  Sunday Masses Vigil. 6.00pm; 9.30am; 11.30am. Confessions Saturday after 9.30am and Vigil Mass. Also on request.

 Easter message from Archbishop Nolan

The Lord has risen from the dead, alleluia. The Easter message is joyful: for the pain and sadness at the death of Jesus is replaced by the joy of new life as Jesus is raised from the dead. The Easter message is hopeful: for it reassures us that life follows death, that pain and sorrow will be overcome, and that the troubles we face in this life will not last and do not compare with the joy that God has in store for us. May those who are suffering at this time, those with family, health, or financial worries, those throughout the world whose lives are devastated by the horror of war, find hope in the death and resurrection of Jesus. May there be peace in our world and may the joy of the risen Christ fill our hearts.

+William Nolan, Archbishop of Glasgow


My Jesus I believe you are present in this Holy Sacrament of the altar.
 I love you above all things and I passionately desire to receive you into my soul. 

Since I cannot receive you sacramentally, come spiritually into my soul so that I may unite myself wholly to you now and forever. Amen

Thankyou for all your continued generosity to Holy Cross. Please continue to remember us. This is a link for donating direct to Holy Cross Parish.  Holy Cross Parish  Gift Aid   If you are a UK tax payer you can help Holy Cross parish by Gift Aiding any donation or offering you make. Gift Aid allows the church to claim an additional 25p for every £1 that you give at no cost to you. In the difficulties caused by the pandemic it is important that any donations or offerings should provide the maximum financial benefit for the church.There are three main ways that you can use Gift Aid in conjunction with your donations or offerings:-  1. If you make a regular donation or offering you can arrange Standing Order to make that regular donation or offering direct from your bank. A Gift Aid Declaration and Standing Order Form can be obtained by emailing.

You can ask to have a book of weekly and special collection envelopes along with a Gift Aid Declaration. Please provide your details to a Passkeeper and arrangements will be made to provide you with the book of envelopes. Those who do not make regular donations or offerings; or those making a one off donation can now make a Gift Aid Declaration. Envelopes for your offering,  2021, with a Gift Aid Declaration Envelopes are available church and if unable to pick up can be sent to you. Please contact Parish